Allahabad has the honour of being the first place in the Indian Sub Continent to witness powered heavier than air flight, when in 10th Dec 1910, Englishman Keith Davis flew a Bleriot aeroplane from the pologrounds. Allahabad is home to the Central Air Command Headquarters which is located at Bamrauli. The responsibility of CAC HQ is to undertake supply and support operations for the border areas along Uttar Pradesh and Bihar along the Chinese Nepalese border.

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Hawker Hunter BA-360A is displayed magnificiently outside the Headquarters building of Central Air Command at Bamrauli in Allahabad. Pic Courtesy: (Left) Indian Air Force - Sentinels of the Sky. (Right) Arun Sharma

The Indian Air Force presence started in Allahabad with the establishment of the Pilot Training Establishment (PTE) at Bamrauli Air Field. Part of the flying training was shared with the old WW2 airfield at Phaphamau which was located south of Allahabad. After the establishment of the Air Force Academy at Dundigal, the PTE was winded up.

The Headquarters of Central Air Command was established on 10th June 1963. A HAL Gnat was reported on the site, though it had not been confirmed yet.

What has been confirmed, is the presence of a Hawker Hunter Mk 56a which is pole mounted in front of CAC HQ building. This Hunter (BA 360) last served with the Lightnings Squadron (No.20) before its retirement and has the suffix 'A' added to its serial to denote its upgradation to 56a standard.

MiG-21M C-1599 is the only confirmed Type 96 on view . This aircraft makes an odd picture peering over the perimeter wall on top of an STD-ISD Telephone Booth and a local passing by Auto Rickshaw. Pic Courtesy: Arun SharmaClick to Enlarge

Recently when Arun Sharma visited CAC HQ, he ran into a MiG-21M [Type-96] sticking out of the perimeter wall mounted on a pole! This MiG carries the serial C-1599 which makes it the first M model confirmed to have been preserved for display.

Aircraft TypeSerial NoRemarks
Hawker HunterBA 360CAC HQ, Bamrauli
MiG-21MC-1599CAC HQ, Bamrauli

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