News and Features

News and Features

-Sept 2006:  The UK Civil Aircraft Register G-INFO shows a new aircraft registered with the same werk number as the previous missing Indian Bf-109.

Akash-MiG_Small.jpg (10627 bytes) Sept 2006: Sandeep Unnithan reports that the Warbirds at the Akash mess are to be relocated elsewhere. A new MiG-21 nose has been added as a display inside the main building.

- The Indian Air Force has phased out its MiG25s at a ceremony on 1st May 2006. An exclusive report on what is going to happen to each warbird and how some of them have already arrived at thier final destinations!

-Air Chief Marshal S P Tyagi recently unveiled a plaque on a MiG-23 MF at Gandhinagar. This is the first MiG-23 MF on public display in the country. News reports on the event are featured in this page....

Click to ReadOct 2005, : Heritage Museum at Air Force Station, Jodhpur is one of the prestigious museums established by the Indian Air Force. The Museum features a Sukhoi, Marut and a MiG-27 on display

Oct 2005 : The Indian Army launched an expedition titled Punar Uthan II to retrieve the wreckage and personal effects of those lost in the An-12 crash in 1968. The mission was organised by 8th Mtn Division

-Salvex 2005, the 12-day bilateral exercise undertaken by the Indian and U.S. navies, concluded at Kochi on Sept 24th. Naval divers from the Indian and US Navy salvaged the wreckage of a Sea Hawk fighter belonging to the the Indian Navy which had crashed into the sea off Kochi in the 1969.

 It appears that No.41 Repair and Salvage Unit from Ambala has been on a restoration Spree. The following News articles appeared in the papers about the wreckage of a DHC-3 Otter that has been restored by the Unit. Another report from the Tribune indicated that a New Hunter was installed at the Ambala Air Force Station.

-Thanks to Google Earth, a revolutionary free software that lets you view high resolution imagery of Delhi airport, we are able to confirm the existence of two Dakotas, the three HS-748s and a host of other aircraft movements

-Vishal Kapoor sends us a discovery - A propeller of a Japanese WW2 bomber that was downed in 1943, now preserved at the Kanpur Club! Presented by none other than Mr. Irwin of the Irwin Parachute Company!....[

Hyd_Iskra03_Small.jpg (17018 bytes) The Indian Air Force had officiallyl retired the Iskra jet trainer from active duty. As many as 25 surplus aircraft are slated to be distributed around the country for gate guardian duties in the near future.


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