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India Today's Coverage of the Messerschmitt Bf109 fiasco - Sandeep Unnithan wrote this story that put paid to the dealings behind the Bf-109. The Seller is still fighting the court cases dealing with this!  

Indian Visitors to a warbird show down under in Australia way back in 1995 would have gaped with thier mouths open at the MiG-21UM in a striking red colored scheme. The MiG-21 proudly wears the Indian Air Force colors and bears the Blood red 'Red Scorchers' Aerobatic team scheme. Bearing the serial U-2146, the aircraft's true registration is the apt VH-XXI on the Australian Civil Register.

In the bright red colors of the 'Red Scorchers' - MiG-21U adorns the identity of U-2146


Click here to see the Video MPEGThe two Sukhoi-7 airframes as displayed on the target range. Moments later both were destroyed by MiG-27 gunfire

A look at the Indian Air Force's Vintage Aircraft Flight's last public appearance in October 1989. The flypast featured the Vampire, Spitfire, Harvard, Tigermoth and the HT-2 flown by pilots of the ASTE.

Our Thanks to Ashit Chakraborty of Thailand for sourcing the VCD for the Video Caps and Review.

After a gap of many years, in 1997, a new Indian War movie was released. 'Border', a film by director J P Dutta was produced based on the battle of Longewala, set in the 1971 war. J P Dutta dedicated the film to his late brother, Sqn Ldr Deepak Dutta, who was killed in a MiG-21 crash in the eighties.  The movie had the full support and backing of the armed forces and it went on to become a big hit in the Indian subcontinent.

The Opening sequence of the movie shows the take of a MiG-21 Bis from a pen, and pilots meeting after a sortie. C-2230 being the aircraft in the takeoff clip. The Pilot in the center is Actor Jackie Shroff who plays a Wing Commander sent to command Jaisalmer.

The shooting of the above sequences was at Bhuj with No.32 Squadron "The Thunderbirds", whose Eagle emblem is seen on the middle picture in the bottom row. No.32 was flying Sukhoi-7 Fitters during the 1971 India-Pakistan War.

Though the movie is primarily about the Army's role in the battle, there are plenty of sequences involving the Air Force.The story starts with a MiG-21 Bis unit (in 1971???) conducting practice scrambles. The CO played by Jackie Shroff is given the task of leading a Hunter unit from a forward airbase, Jaisalmer.

Raj Kapoor, the producer and director of the movie Sangam is hailed as one of the great directors in Indian Movie industry. This 1964 Movie , produced, directed and edited by Raj Kapoor in 1964, was his first film in color, and was also the first film which had a brief background of the Indian Air Force and contains much footage of IAF aircraft in color from the 1960s. What stands out in this movie is an unusual and unmistakable attention to detail. The film is basically a love triangle plot, with one of the actors playing the role of an IAF pilot who goes MIA during the India- China War of 1962.

FSA03.jpg (9977 bytes)onl.gif (842 bytes)Canberras lined up .

Pilot and Navigator board the Canberra onr.gif (841 bytes)

FSA02.jpg (7867 bytes)

One of the few Indian Made War Movies was a movie by the name "Hindustan Ki Kasam" (Oath on Hindustan - India) which was directed by Chetan Anand in the Mid 70s. A movie with the Indian Air Force as the main theme of the action.

fGnat01.jpg (7123 bytes)onl.gif (842 bytes)A Gnat on a take off run.

In the air onr.gif (841 bytes)

Plenty of footage of the Gnats and the Sukhois is available throughout the movie

fGnat02.jpg (7367 bytes)

Dundigal Vampire06_SmallThe Unofficial last flight of a Vampire FB.52 in Indian Air Force Service.

F_border.jpg (14062 bytes)
From the movie "Border", Actor Jackie Shroff with a Hawker Hunter in the Background, in a reconstruction of the Longewala Battle

From time to time, One comes across some vague sightings in Movies.

In 1991, a Television programme "Param Vir Chakra" produced by veteran war film producer "Chetan Anand" , showcased dramatisation of the battles and incidents of India's Highest Gallantry Award Winners. In its final episode about Late Fg Off Nirmaljit Singh Sekhon PVC, The episode reenacted the airbattle over Srinagar in which Sekhon singlehandedly took on Six F-86 Sabres in his Gnat. The "Sabres" were   played by Hawker Hunters of Hunter Operational Flying Training Unit-HOFTU garishly sporting the Pakistani Flag under the cockpit.

[Frontier India.Net]

It has been over 60 year wait for the family members, including Gary Zaetz, of the ill fated World War Two plane B-24 J nicknamed “Hot As hell.” On January 25, 1944, B-24 J “Hot As Hell” with a compliment of 8 crew members took off from Kunming, China for a routine flight to Chabua, India. The plane never reached its destination. The crews were declared dead on November 20, 1944.

20061129A_008101007s.jpg (25263 bytes)Dec 2006:  Wg Cdr V G Kumar (Retd) first pointed out that local Kerala news agencies have reported that fishermen have recovered an aircraft wreckage from the sea near Trissur.  at Chakkavad village. Subsequently the Hindu newspaper carried a couple of photographs 


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