Pune is one of the largest cities in Southern India and one of the major Airbases, that the Indian Air Force inherited after the second world war. Originally called Poona, it saw sights of Tempests, Vampires, Canberras, MiG-21s and currently is a base for the Sukhoi-30 fighter.

A rare B(I)12 that was imported from New Zealand in 1980 that lives under false markings

Jeet Aerospace Institute on the outskirts of Pune is home to a MiG-21FL C601 displayed on its premises. The death of a young MiG-21 pilot in 2001 resulted in a cascade of events - and one of the outcome being the erection of this aircraft in an institute that was created to help spread awareness about aviation among the youth..

TS524-01Armed Forces Medical College at Pune is the receipent of the latest MiG on the Hadapsar Road. A MiG-27ML can be seen at the alma mater of the the medical branch corps of the armed forces.

Pune MiG23_04_Small In late 2007, a MiG-23MF was installed at the Kamalnayan park in Khadki area of Pune. The aircraft, bearing serial SK-423  was an ex-224 Squadron aircraft - and wore an all Tipnis-Grey scheme. The aircraft was in impeccable condition at the time of installation in the park. Praveen P Sathaye provides some excellent photographs of this aircraft from the time it was newly installed!

E359 02There is always a thrill in discovering a warbird hidden away in plain sight in the middle of a major metropolitan city - Gnat E359 at a major park in PUne provided such a moment for Sumeet Shetty who contributed these photos of the aircraft. The thrill is however tempered by the sad state of the aircraft - ravaged by neglect and by abuse of park visitors.

C-2098 as seen some years back at the entrance of the Lohegaon AFB. The color scheme is suspected to be derived from the standard Camoflage paints the IAF uses on its Hangars.

Displayed inside the Lohegaon Air Base. Forget about asking for permission...

Displayed in front of St Mary's School

SK401 Pune has the IAF's first MiG-23MF (SK401) on display at the Pune Hadapsar Road.

MiG-23BN SM273 can be seen at the National War Memorial in Pune since December 2009. It was one of the last flyable MiG-23BNs of No.221 Squadron before phasing out in March 2009

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