Nasik is a district adjoining Thane and Ahemednagar in Maharastra. 12 km from Nasik, the IAF Maintainance Command has No.11 Base Repair Depot at an airfield called Ojhar , where MiGs are overhauled and Sukhoi fighters are built by HAL which shares this airfield. HAL was earlier manufacturing MiG-21s here.

Nasik is where MiGs go to retire - aircraft at the end of their technical life are refurbished for gate guardian duties and as school aids. 


IN959 07Years ago, the Indian Air Force had an Auster on display. That aircraft was moved out in the early 70s and was never spotted again - though numerous sightings reported it to be somewhere in the Artillery Center at Deolali, near Nashik. A recent newsreport reported the unveiling of this aircraft at the Heritage Mess at the School of Artillery. Now photographs of the restored Auster from Deolali - and a brief history of the same have surfaced.

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Various MiGs in and around Nasik / Deolali / Ozhar area. Including a rare Type 76 on display at Deolali. 

HAL MiG division showcases its own in a Museum open to the public

The entry road leading up to AFS Ozhar and the 11 Base Repair Depot has a MiG-23MF that was formerly at Jamnagar

A rare Sukhoi-7U two seater trainer version is doing gate guardian duty at Ozhar's 11 Base Repair Depot

A rare MiG-21 variant lies hidden in plain sight at HAL Ozhar.. it almost went unnoticed but for some old fashioned aircraft spotting by various involved parties.

IQ999-01Atamvir Singh Multani captures a pristine Canberra T4 on display at Cadet Hill at the School of Artillery in Deolali . One of the rare T4 Trainer variants known to be preserved in India (As of 2014).

The first ever Bell G-47 earmarked for preservaton - is at an Army establishment!. The Army's Combat Aviator's Training School at Nasik receives a gift from the Government of Punjab.

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