Dalhousie cantonment is a town in Chamba district in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. Its located at 32.53°N 75.98°E.[6] It has an average elevation of 1954 metres (6410 feet). The Cantonment is 485 km from Delhi, 52 km from Chamba, 23 km from Khajjiar, and 80 km from Pathankot, the closest railhead.

Situated somewhere in the town, close to a highway is a MiG-21M [C1556] on public display. This aircraft had been flying till the mid 2000s before its retirement and final resting place next to the Road.

The aircraft was originally destined for the Dalhousie Public School. Requested from Air Chief Marshal N A K Browne by the Principal Capt G S Dhillon. When the aircraft was allotted, the School insisted the MiG be installed on a public road so that it could be viewed by all of the general public. 

The aircraft was moved by truck from Bikaner to Dalhousie via Pathankot. Sometime in early 2013 it was installed on the road.

Dalhousie C1556 01 

MiG-21M C1556 on display in Dalhousie Cantonment. Photo Courtesy: vm2827 / flickr.com


Dalhousie C1556 01 

Close up of the tail of C1556 . Photo Courtesy: vm2827 / flickr.com

It appears that a second MiG-21 was transported sometime in October 2013 and installed within the school. A report was carried in the Tribune paper . The photo of the aircraft in the tribune is slightly different from what we see above and it could be that this is a new aircraft that was shipped there in October 2013.


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