The term "Air Force Station" applies to all Indian Air Force establishments at Chandigarh. The largest of these is No.12 Wing, AF, which is centered around the airfield. Co-located at the airfield is No.3 Base Repair Depot.

A clear photograph of HF-24 Marut D1209 emerges from Chandigarh


The Punjab Engineering College (Deemed University) Chandigarh was orginally established as Mugalpura Engineering College at Lahore (now in Pakistan) on November 9, 1921. The name of the college was later changed to Maclagan Engineering College and its started functioning under the name on March 19, 1924. In the year 1931, the college got affiliated to Punjab University, Lahore. After partition in 1947, the college was shifted to Roorkee (India) and was renamed as East Punjab College of Engineering. In the year 1950 the word East was dropped and it came to know by its present name - Punjab Engineering College.

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