Jamnagar has been home to one of the major airbases in the country but not many warbirds have been reported in the area. Despite providing a presence to military airpower since the 1950s, very few warbirds/airframes have been reported in the area. None seem to have escaped the airfield to do park duties in the city - till Jagdish Dholakia finally found one!

Jagdish Dholakia poses next to the Gnat in a park in Jamnagar. The aircraft is missing its canopy..
Jagdish Dholakia sits inside the cockpit of the Gnat / Ajeet E1981 in Jamnagar. Note the sealed off cockpit rear wall

These photographs were first posted in the Indian Scale Modellers group on Facebook by Jagdish, who found this Gnat languishing in a Municpal Park in Jamnagar a few years ago. The aircraft appears to be an Ajeet, with a possible identity being E1981. The aircraft is missing the cockpit canopy - but sufficient work seems to have been done to "Seal" off the cockpit. 

After contemplating its condition and whether to check out its cockpit or not, decided to get in and check it out.  The aircraft is displayed in a nose-up attitude and is fenced off - not that it stops curious passerbys examining it close up!

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