Hindon is home to one of the largest Air Force bases of the Indian Air Force.  Technically Hindon is in Uttar Pradesh state near Ghaziabad. It however falls near to teh National Capital Region and is featured in the Delhi Section. While in the past, it was home to fighter and ELINT Squadrons, today it is home to the C-17 Globemaster III Squadron as well as the Vintage Flight.

Hindon has been home to a Sukhoi-7 BMK B-747 for years. The Sukhoi remains as a gate guardian at the main gate south east of the airfield - the location known as "Hindon Chowk".  The serial 747 is an early number and there is a possibility that it is the fourth Sukhoi inducted into the IAF - with the serials starting from B-744. 

Photograph of Sukhoi-7  B-747, gate guardian outside of Hindon Air Force Station. Photo Courtesy : Dipalay Dey
 Hindon B747
 Another view of the Hindon bird - Photographer unknown.
Russian plane, American car . . .
Photo by Veeresh Malik - on Flickr 


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