Letter of thanks from the Webmaster

This site would not have been possible without the help of several individuals who contributed information, experiences and photographs to make it all worthwhile. Among the several individuals that I have to thank for their contribution.

My thanks go to for the pictures and information they provided:

Michel Abraham, Abbas Ali, Laxman A.
Air Marshal Subhash Bhojwani
Damien Burke
Phil Camp
Sqn Ldr Deepak Cariappa
Ashit Chakraborty
Varun Chakrapani
Kapil Chandni
Marcel de Jong
B Harry
Phil Hawks
Hans van Herk
Stewart Lanham
Wg Cdr (Retd.) V G Kumar
K Sree Kumar
Saurabh Lele
Rishu Mandolia
Andy Marden
Paul McMillan
Lani Muche
Manoj Nair
Paul Nann
Rahul M
Anandeep Pannu
Dr. K S Raman
Vijay Simha Reddy
Dr. Shivshankar Sastry
Arun Sharma
Sanjay Simha
Peter Steinemann
John Tolland
Sandeep Unnithan
Alan Warnes
Simon Watson

Thanks gentlemen, for all your help and support into making this site a comprehensive resource on this subject.

P V S Jagan Mohan,

A special shout out to Kapil Chandni

There were quite a few warbird fanatics interested in India out there, but one can count the number of such fanatics in India on the fingers of one's hand. Kapil happened to be one such rarity in this country. He has contributed a lot in terms of content to this site, and goes out of his way to scout and discover new warbirds all over india!

About Myself

Jagan Pillarisetti

With the MiG-23MF at USAF Musuem, Dayton, Ohio, USA

I am an aviation enthusiast eversince my childhood, starting off on a diet of World War Two Comics and later books. Its only but natural that I shifted to Indian Military history and aviation.

Warbirds of India started out as an effort by me to satisfy vintage aircraft enthusiasts with interests in India. The objective is to record and preserve the aviation heritage of India as it exists today. This site had its root in my erstwhile IAF History Page on tripod, where i had a few pictures of Indian aircraft for display. The branching out of the site is an effort to seriously address the requirement for a website dealing with Historic aircraft...in India.

I also have a website on the Indian Air Force at Bharat-Rakshak.com.

I am also the co-author of "The India-Pakistan Air War of 1965", an aviation history book dealing with the IAF in the 1965 War. Click the link above to know more about it

Copyright Policy

All Photographs except those credited to individuals are copyright of Warbirds of India. The Photographs not credited to individuals may be used by those who want to use them for a non- commercial website, or for a personal website of their own, provided you send us a mail informing of the same and giving a link to our site besides the picture. You may download them on your computer for your personal use, but not for distribution to newsgroups, publications or commercial websites. Commercial Publishers of books or websites may contact us separately for details.

Photographs credited to individuals may be used only after contacting the copyright owners separately.

If you are an individual contributing the photographs, please note since this is a voluntary site, we cannot pay financially. We will however acknowledge the effort by giving details of it on our site.

All the information can be used for publication in any book or website. We would appreciate an acknowledgement but we really cant stop you if you dont! ;). But we would appreciate a mail informing us about it.

End of all the legal yada-yada, blah-blah

How do I support this site?

If you are in India: You can go on a warbird expedition on your own. We can inform you of aircraft in your location. Take pictures and send them to us. They remain your copyright. I cant pay you a dime, but your work will be appreciated by fellow vintage aircraft buffs.

A note on taking pictures

India is a very security conscious nation, not surprisingly due to the numerous terrorist attacks to destabilize the country. Some of the security measures also mean that Photography is prohibited in most places. Especially defence cantonments, Airports etc are not the places where you should publicly brandish your camera about.

Schools, Colleges and public monuments in parks etc can be photographed. but always check first with anyone around in uniform if its Ok to photograph, else one can get into trouble more easily than you think.

AAAThe historical Civil Aircraft registry has been updated. The total number of records now available are more than 2400!. Also check out our civil aircraft gallery with some rare photographs.

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03 Feb 2009 - Harvard at Sainik School Rewa, Madhya Pradesh
09 Jan 2009 - Ajeet at Imphal, Manipur

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