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Total Records Found: 2410

Regn Aircraft C/N Owner Date Reg Date Exit Remarks
VT-AAA DH.60G Gipsy Moth 850 Karachi Aero Club 12 Jul 29 Cr FL and w/o
VT-AAA Hawker Siddeley HS-128 Reliance Industries Ltd.
VT-AAB DH.60G Gipsy Moth 851 MA941 Karachi Aero Club > Maj William Jones To RAF 23.8.42
VT-AAC DH.60G Gipsy Moth 852 Bengal FC > Hem Chadharuy
VT-AAD DH.60G Gipsy Moth 853 Bengal FC
VT-AAE DH.60G Gipsy Moth 854 Bombay FC 01 Dec 33 Cr 12.33
VT-AAE Cessna 152 1521020 Ahmedabad Aviation Academy Ltd.
VT-AAF DH.60G Gipsy Moth 855 Delhi Flying Club Cr 1932
VT-AAG DH.60G Gipsy Moth 856 Delhi Flying Club
VT-AAH DH.60G Gipsy Moth 857 Delhi Flying Club
VT-AAI DH.60G Gipsy Moth 907 Delhi Flying Club
VT-AAI Piper Aztec PA-23-250 27-805-4010 Ahmedabad Aviation Academy Ltd. 26 Mar 01 Cr Bahaduri Ojhar Nasik
VT-AAJ DH.60G Gipsy Moth 908 Sir C M Ranchodlal Bombay FC
VT-AAJ Zenith CH 2000 20-0004 Ahmedabad Aviation Academy Ltd.
VT-AAK Airco DH-9c 8370 F/O John S Newell & Neville Vincent
VT-AAL Airco DH-9c F1223 F/O John S Newell & Neville Vincent
VT-AAM Westland Widgeon WA1967
VT-AAN Avro 594 Avian III 110
VT-AAN Cessna Caravan Andaman And Nicobar Admin dereg 2001
VT-AAP Airco DH-9 H9129 G-IAAA Air Survey Co Ltd 01 Aug 33
VT-AAP Cessna 152 15285668 Ahmedabad Aviation Academy Ltd.
VT-AAQ Airco DH-9 E611 Air Survey Co Ltd 01 Aug 33
VT-AAR DH.60G Gipsy Moth 996
VT-AAS Airco DH-9 D5686 G-IAAS Air Survey Co Ltd
VT-AAT Simonds Spartan 31
VT-AAU DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1122
VT-AAV Junkers T19 530
VT-AAW Avro 594 Avian III 118
VT-AAX DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1138
VT-AAY DH.60M Moth 1375
VT-AAY Cessna 172P 17275360 Ahmedabad Aviation Academy Ltd.
VT-AAZ DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1161 Merwan Hormasji Irani (Engineer)
VT-ABA DH.60M Moth 1393 Dadabhoy Pirowshaw Jeejeebhoy/Bombay >BD Mukerji/C 01 Jan 35 Unserviceable since .31 Canc 1.35
VT-ABA ATR 42-320 390 Airline Allied Services Ltd
VT-ABB DH.60M Moth 1423 DH Bhiwandiwalla/Bombay >MH Gazdar /Bombay >Bombay 18 Nov 34 Crashed and written off 2.35 (also reported as c/n 1155 but official records are as shown)[quotes CoR 221 on sale to Bombay FC but this CoR reused for ADT]
VT-ABB ATR 42-320 392 Atriam Capital Limited
VT-ABC DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1196 Bengal FC 12 Oct 32 Crashed Calcutta 12.10.30
VT-ABC ATR 42-320 315 Airline Allied Services 21 Feb 03 De Reg
VT-ABD Avro 616 Avian IVM R3/CN/332 Indian Air Survey & Transport Shipped to England Canc 8.33
VT-ABD ATR 42-320 356 Merinos Leasing Limited > Isle Of Man
VT-ABE DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1226 Govt of India loan Punjab FC Crashed and written off .31
VT-ABF DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1227 Govt of India loan Punjab FC Crashed and written off .31
VT-ABG DH.80A Puss Moth 2096 DH Aircraft Co >Khan Bahadur DH Bhiwandiwalla /Bom Impressed .42 SOC 30.11.44
VT-ABH DH.60M Moth 1532 Govt of India loan Madras FC /St Thomas Mount >Mad Canc
VT-ABI DH.60M Moth 1533 Govt of India loan Madras FC /St Thomas Mount >Mad Crashed and written off Bangalore 1.33
VT-ABJ DH.80A Puss Moth 2032 BD Mookerjea/Barranagar (based Dum Dum) 20 Feb 32 Accident Lucknow 20.2.32 Canc as unserviceable 9.34
VT-ABK DH.60M Moth 1471 Bombay FC Crashed Canc 25.1.30 [c/n recorded as 1155 in ICAN427]
VT-ABL DH.60M Moth 1470 The Burma Shell Oil Storage & Distrib. Co of India Crashed and written off .31
VT-ABM DH.60M Moth 1420 DP Jeejeebhoy /Bombay >AM Morad /Dum Dum Sold UK .31 restored 8.40 Canc 12.2.43

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