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Regn Aircraft C/N Owner Date Reg Date Exit Remarks
VT-AID Boeing 747-400 24621 Korean Airlines Company Limited
VT-AIE Dragonfly DH-90 7545 Nizam Of Hyderabad To RAF HX792
VT-AIE Boeing 747-400 Wells Fargo Bank
VT-AIF Tigermoth DH-82 3520 AX-798 Cr 23.1.48
VT-AIF Boeing 747-400 Wells Fargo Bank
VT-AIG Airbus A310-300 669 Air India
VT-AII Waco YQC-6 4491 Tata Airlines
VT-AIJ Short S22 Scion Irrawady Flotilla and Airways caught fire and sank
VT-AIJ B777-222ER Us Bank Trust National Association
VT-AIK Boeing 777-222 ER Failaka Limited
VT-AIM B747-474 Wells Fargo Bank
VT-AIN Waco YQC-6 4542 Tata Airlines
VT-AIN A310-324 Singapore Airlinesltd.
VT-AIO Airbus A310-300 Singapore Airlines Ltd
VT-AIP Airbus A310-300 Singapore Airlines Limited
VT-AIQ Boeing 747-400 Wells Fargo Bank Northwest
VT-AIR Miles M2F Hawk 122 16 Mar 43 To RAF LV768 Cr Chaklala
VT-AIR Boeing 777-222 Wells Fargo Bank
VT-AIT Hornetmoth DH-87 8128 To RAF V4731
VT-AIU Hornetmoth DH-87 8125 To RAF LV763
VT-AIV Percival V10 Vega Gull K73 Air Services India To RAF MA942
VT-AIW Percival V10 Vega Gull K74
VT-AIX Waco YQC-6 4644 Tata Airlines
VT-AIY Waco YQC-6 4645 Tata Airlines
VT-AIZ Dragon Rapide DH-89 AX-806 Tata Airlines 22 Oct 42 To RAF Cr Juhu
VT-AJA Dragon Rapide DH-89 Tata Airlines Cr Juhu 1k
VT-AJB Dragon Rapide DH-89 HX-790 Tata Airlines To RAF
VT-AJC Leopard Moth DH-85 7068 To RAF T1776
VT-AJD Percival P-3 Gull Six To RAF MA962
VT-AJE AW Ensign AW1157 Indian Transcontinental Airways Never inducted
VT-AJF AW Ensign AW1159 Indian Transcontinental Airways Never inducted
VT-AJG AW Ensign AW1165 Indian Transcontinental Airways Never inducted
VT-AJH AW Ensign AW1167 Indian Transcontinental Airways Never inducted
VT-AJI Waco YQC-6 4647 Tata Airlines
VT-AJJ Waco YQC-6 4642 Tata Airlines
VT-AJK Waco YQC-6 4649 Tata Airlines
VT-AJL Waco YQC-6 4648 Tata Airlines
VT-AJN Lockheed 12A 1237 Maharaja of Jodhpur To RAF V4732
VT-AJP Leopard Moth DH-85 7079 Private To RAF DD818
VT-AJS Lockheed 12A 1238 Maharaja of Kanaohar To RAF AX803
VT-AJV Tigermoth DH-82 3188 To RAF LR-229
VT-AJV Beech King Air C-90 LJ 1159 Orient Flying School
VT-AJW Foxmoth DH-83 4083 Air Services India 01 Oct 46
VT-AKC Dragonfly DH-90 7505 Air Services India
VT-AKD Waco YQC-6 5060 Tata Airlines
VT-AKE Hornetmoth DH-87 8112 To RAF LR227
VT-AKF Miles M11 Whitney Straight 11 Mar 43 To RAF MA944 Cr Narayanpur
VT-AKH Leopard Moth DH-85 7052 Air India
VT-AKJ Beech D17 232 Indian National Airways 23 Feb 39 Mid Air collision cr Karachi
VT-AKK Beech D17 233 Indian National Airways

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